solar expertise since 1985

Solarexperte seit 1985

Our experience reaches back well before the foundation of Energy Depot in 2014. Already in 1985, company founder Roland Burkhardt installed the first solar system, followed in 1996 by the first own-developed inverter. With more than 100.000 produced inverters delivered domestically and abroad, we and our R&D team have the best possible conditions to develop the best energy storage system.

We want to make energy storage as easy, safe and efficient as possible. Therefore we run our development in Konstanz since 2014. Since the end of 2017, series production of our energy storage system CENTURIO has also started here. From development through production to sales, all departments are located in Konstanz. In the immediate vicinity of our Swiss neighbors. That is why we are there with our branch office to support the local market from Kreuzlingen.

We are shaping the energy change: the supply of renewable energy sources is diverse and production prices are falling steadily. Especially in the areas of photovoltaics and wind, there are strong temporal power fluctuations in the production. That’s why we are committed to the efficient storage of energy to enable continuous use. We do not want to waste a single watt: efficiency determines our thinking, our work and thus your advantage.

Winner of the ees AWARD 2017

Gewinner des ees AWARD 2017


Our international expert team for power electronics has a common goal: to manufacture the best power storage in its class! This includes uncompromising efficiency and the need for innovative technical solutions. We use the maximum available energy to supply you with renewable energy at any time.


We want to be independent from the electricity grid, because independence means freedom. This will bring energy to remote areas or to your home. We make you independent from electricity price development and electricity connections. We deliver the power of the sun at any time of the day.