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The CENTURIO energy storage system is the current class leader. It is designed to convince in all operation modes. Whether on battery power, as ongrid or island system: It delivers best performance at any time. In addition to peak efficiencies of more than 98% for solar power feed and over 97% for pure battery operation, part-load behavior was the focus of development. To achieve this goal, we have developed our own high-voltage battery system, which reduces the losses to a minimum.

System Components



Hybrid inverter for pv generator &
battery storage

  • Powerful– 10 kW Inverter power even on pure battery mode.
  • Self-sufficient– Due to 3-phase design and fast load control (<100 ms) ready for standby and island operation with automatic switching.
  • Flexible– 2 integrated MPP trackers for the integration of various photovoltaic systems.
  • Optima– Highest efficiencies of> 98% for the optimal energy yield with outstanding partial load behavior.
  • Better than the Power grid – Pure sine wave output voltage and single phase compensation.
  • Intelligent Safety – The integrated battery management system and NA protection monitor the system and shut it down safely when needed.
  • Inconspicuous and silent – Easy installation with adapter plate and fanless convection cooling.
Centurio SE


Versorgt ihr Zuhause zukunftssicher und preiswert!

  • High Power – Full 10 kW inverter output is available
    in battery and island mode
  • Best Performance – Efficiencies of >98% and outstanding
    part load performance for best electrical yield
  • Super-Fast – Instant (<100ms) load compensation for
    highest energy usage
  • Flexible – 2 integrated MPP tracker allow integration in
    various photovoltaic installations
  • Electrical Quality – True sinus output with single phase
    compensation performs better than the power grid
  • Intelligent Safety – Integrated battery management
    system and protective relays monitor the system and
    safely disconnect if necessary
  • Upgradable for offgrid- and emergency power use
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Modular Battery

  • Durable– Our high-performance LiFePO4 battery cells offer more than 20 years of service life with high power density.
  • Full Shield Safety– Maximum safety through multi-stage battery management system with disconnectors in each battery module.
  • Modular Scalable– It can be expanded as needed to accommodate up to 8 battery modules.
  • Best Efficiency– For photovoltaic systems without energy storage max. 30% - 40% of their own electricity needs are covered, with energy storage up to 70%!
  • Barrier-free evaluation– comfortably on tablet or smartphone.
  • Optimal Installation– light, compact and fit in every corner.
  • Simple– Unique status LEDs and a push-button for uncomplicated operation.
  • Maintenance-free
Domus 3.6


The battery for all applications - in direct High Voltage

  • From 6.4 kWh to 57.6 kWh
  • 200 - 500 V to use as high-voltage battery
  • Emergency-backup through high power (1 - 2 C)
  • Maximum efficiency thanks to real series connection
  • Lithium iron phosphate Battery: Maximum security, cycle-stability and power
  • Patented wireless plug-in design
  • 1 and 3 phase systems
  • Modular design for easy transport and installation (max weight single part: 26 kg)
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Vectis 30

Breaker and accurate measurement - in real time.

  • Smart –Real-time current measurement at the grid connection point to calculate and optimize the energy flows within the installation
  • Compact Performance – Internal switches and current sensors are capable of 50 A
  • Flexible-External current sensors upgrade the VECTIS to a full 100 A measurement
  • Scalable –Connects up to 3 CENTURIO hybrid inverter
  • Safe –All pole separation
  • Simple – Easy integration into existing installations

Award-winning technology

The CENTURIO hybrid inverter is optimized for all operating modes. It not only achieves best values ​​in the PV power feed into the power grid, but also when charging and discharging the batteries.
At the launch of the CENTURIO energy-saving system at Intersolar / ees 2017, we received the prestigious ees AWARD for the most innovative storage solution. Outstanding the jury found the emergency power function and the island capability of this three-phase system. Paired with the highest levels of efficiency, we elicit every ray of sunshine the maximum energy - no matter when you need it!

Automatic network replacement and island operation

Powerful even in pure battery operation

Guaranteed longevity

Barrier-free evaluation

Smart electric meter

Secure network separation

Automatic mains disconnector

Integrated measurement