Safe. Efficient. Economical.

With our products, we offer you the perfect solution for solar energy own consumption.

Energy Storage Systems by Energy Depot

Your personal battery. We want to make saving solar energy as easy and safe as possible. We do not compromise on efficiency. Only a high level of efficiency in all operating modes ensures good return and increases the independence of our customers. Every kilowatt-hour of self-consumption relieves the burden on our environment and saves our customers money. We offer standard solutions for private homes, apartment buildings and commercial use. In addition, we also deliver project-specific storage solutions of all sizes.

CENTURIO - Powerful,

10 kW, 3-Phase

The CENTURIO is our powerhouse. Highest efficiency and minimum energy consumption make the CENTURIO the best energy storage system in its class. Get ready for the future now. With a full 10 kW of power, you can safely supply your home or business - even off-grid.

PILUM - Clever,

3 kW, 1-Phase

The PILUM energy storage system offers maximum economy for a convincing entry into the world of home storage.
Ideal for single-family homes with up to 5,000 kWh of electricity consumption per year.

Highest efficiency even under partial load

Both power generation and power consumption reach the rated system power only for a few hours a year. Typically, the system is in part load operation, so the partial load efficiencies are particularly important.

Reliable supply even without grid connection

The energy storage systems from Energy Depot provide reliable power even in the event of a power failure or without access to the public power grid.

Outstanding security

The Full Shield technology has a multi-level security system that can independently monitor and automatically unlock the batteries. Our safe LiFePO4 cell technology meets the requirements of the automotive industry.

Store electricity responsibly

By choosing cobalt-free battery technologies and deliberately choosing our system components, we show social responsibility and promote your good conscience.

Reacts fast

The load regulation takes place within 100 ms on all three phases. This increases the use of their generated solar power and relieves the grid.

Class leader in standby consumption

Energy Depot energy storage systems have an extremly low own energy consumption. As a result, energy efficiency remains at top level even with very low night-time consumption.

Modular Scalable

We configure our systems to your requirements. All Energy Depot inverters can be modularly combined with multiple batteries to adapt the energy supply to your needs - even after installation.

Build your own island

No grid connection? No problem! Energy Depot energy storage systems, reliably supply your application with energy at any time. With our intelligent energy management, we can reliable integrate other energy sources.